“The bad side of being Miss Pepeye” – Papa Ajasco’s Star Actress Bolatito Sowunmi

Nollywood actress, Bolatito Sowunmi, famous for her role as Miss Pepeye in Wale Adenuga’s foremost comedy “Papa Ajasco” In a chat with Saturday Beats, explained why she decided to throw in the towel after gaining fame from the soap.

The actress said,

“I quit the role of Miss Pepeye because it’s time to move. I had played the role for quite a while and there are other opportunities that I need to explore. I feel I should give other people the chance to express the talent that they have in playing that role as well. I started the character when I was in my 20s but now, I am in my 30s, another person should take up the role. It was my decision to move on because it was no longer challenging. I need roles that would wake up the artistic talent in me. It had become a comfort zone.”

Although the series aims at making the family unit laugh, it has cast a negative image on the actress’s career and she gave her reason.

“I have realised that being Miss Pepeye had cast a stereotype image about my acting skills. It did not really do well with me. I am a serious minded person and when I got the role of Miss Pepeye, I thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the role but over time after adequate training, I did it. It is just very unfortunate that I am being stereotyped,” she said.

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