Container Crushes Car, Driver Miraculously Escapes Death | Photos

The dilapidated state of Nigerian roads has continued to increase the accident rate across the country with lives lost, vehicles and goods destroyed.
An unnamed motorists based in the South-south part of Nigeria has escaped death yesterday – 21st of June, 2017 by the whiskers after a container being conveyed to an undisclosed location by a truck accidentally fell on the vehicle.
A social media user, Stephanie Steve who shared the disturbing photos from the accident scene attribute the mishap in Port Harcourt, Rivers State to the poor state of the roads.
The escape of the driver remains inexplicable as his vehicle was mangled beyond repairs as seen in the photos here. Miss Stephanie took to Facebook to express her mind below:
“This happened at Akpajo port Harcourt but the good news is that, the man in the small car survived, all thanks to God Almighty. Bad roads everywhere, Government should come and do something.”

Source: Tori

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