“DSTV Responsible For High Crime Rate In Nigeria”, Actor Emmanuel Ehumadu Writes

We use our movies to entertain and educate the people. As you watch, you get entertained, as well learn the lessons and message meant to pass. Nigeria has a big name in crime and crazy level of corruption, all of this are what we play out in most of our action and political movies, which involves killing and blood spilling, in trying to achieve such stories.

DSTV has movie channels which transmit and show movies on Love, Family, Comedy, Epic and drama.. Making it look like that is all Nigeria is made of. Why would they create an African Magic Action Channel where those interested in our action movies can view them? Unlike our foreign counterparts…. They have Movie Magic Action and action + . There’s nothing contained in our local movies that you won’t find worst settings in foreign movies.

With African magic action channel, Viewers can view by choice and get to know the dangers and consequences of crime, who knows, it might touch someone to change his ways, thereby reducing the crime waves in Nigeria, and help celebrate the action Heroes of Nollywood, like Sylvester Madu, Emmanuel Ehumadu, Gentle Jack, Zuby Micheal, Jerry Amilo, Jnr Pope, just to mention a few, that has been less celebrated by our societies.” Totolos writes in.

Source: Diamond Celebrities