Finally!!! 51 year-old man commits suicide after several attempts ( Find out his reasons)

A 51-year-old driving instructor has successfully taken his own life. It was the fourth time he would be attempting suicide, reports say.

The resident of Gweru area of Zimbabwe had committed suicide by hanging on a tree in a bushy area at the Hunde Fisher Farm.

A passer-by had stumbled on the decomposing body of John Muponde and alerted the police.

Muponde appeared to have long-standing problem which was nagging him but did not share it with his relatives.

It was reported that it was his fourth attempt on his life at the same location. Twice he was rescued while unconscious at the same spot.

On another occasion, a rope he had used to hang himself had snapped.

His brother, Panganayi Muponde, said his sibling went missing last week and that the family reported the incident to the police.


“His driving instructor’s papers had expired and he left home saying he was going to renew them and never came back until he was found dangling on a tree in the bushy area at Hunde Fisher Farm on the outskirts of Mkoba 18. Funeral arrangements are underway,” he said, as reported by zimnews.

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