Ladies now see bra as unnecessary, as they prefer braless appearance (See photos)

Gone are the days when a flash of the nipple was considered a wardrobe malfunction. The real malfunction these days, is hiding your titties.

From Rihanna to the Kardashians and even Selena Gomez who’s largely considered a ‘good girl’ by a lot of people, your favourite celebrities and fashionistas seem to all agree on one thing – the brassiere is out of fashion.

Rihanna is perhaps the biggest champion of this trend.

She’s pictured here on the set of the newly released DJ Khaled collaboration proudly showing off her girls.

Are you having wild thoughts?
That wasn’t the only time…

set of DJ Khaled’s video wasn’t the first time for Riri though

Definitely not a bra fan
You know this wouldn’t be a trend if Kim Kardashian wasn’t hopping on it. She’s proving that this trend isn’t reserved for the A-cups alone.

Out and about
And if you thought it’s only the ‘bad gyals’ freeing their bosom ies, Selena Gomez is here to tell you, you’re wrong!

Here we were thinking Selena’s all good
So ladies, it looks like it’s about time you rid your closets of those ridiculous piece of clothing called bras! I mean, if Rihanna approves, who are we to disagree?

Here, hold this for me…

Courtesy Gistmania

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