Ladies, Have To Respect Their Husband To Avoid Domestic Violence – Yul Edochie Advises

Actor Yul Edochie Speaks on the issue of Domestic Violence

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hildaidokoHahahahah @yuledochie …true talk though..coming from Ebubedike’s son…

iamwendycharles That voice

mhiz_makz Men like that should go to hell and occupy several seats@amistarboy….you can’t even respect the little dignity u have on social media and you want your wife at home to respect you…If you like kill your wife, that’s your problem….I only pity ladies that fall into the hands of disdainful wife beaters like you all in the name of respect…look at him calling a lady stupid just bcos of a comment!

tracynaku_@amistarboy uncle, why all the names?? Can’t you disagree with me without insulting me??? I can clearly tell you beat your gf or wife! Please go make music and make money, so you can feed your family, Don’t give yourself High bp because of my comment, you hear! Like I said before #saynotodomesticviolence .. I dey my office, come beat me. Let me block you because I don’t want to get your insults again in my notifications. Boy bye!

silvervixeness “Respect your husband,even if he doesnt know what he is doing..” Still ruminating on that statement.

chiefnneudonsi Baritone

tonyfeels Who told it’s his house? Bros, as long as their legally married the house belongs to both of them irrespective of who built it. Respect your husband but don’t allow him turn you to a slave that has no say or rights. Men should also respect their wives.

tracynaku_@kha_nma .. I get what you are saying but to me ohhh, there is no reason good enough to beat your wife! Walk away, don’t eat her food for a short period, ignore her.. if it’s bad and you can’t cope file for divorce, return bride price but never ever hit a woman. #myopinion #saynotodomesticviolence

adeolahassan51 Oh Laawd…..Na him be Big Brother o

vickokingz Lovely voice

tracynaku_@mhiz_makz I just taya ooo… you can tell he is a violent person from what he wrote. Smh..

amour_jojo24 We r Africa no doubt but this is the new generation respect via both man n woman

zainabmjaafar Ur voice don de look like ur papa own.thanks for de advisr

i_vhon The rumble in his voice

juicyomgblog I don’t get the rubbish he is saying. So the so called man has the right to say shut up and sit down while she doesn’t because she should respect her husband. She is not a human being abi. By the way what’s the meaning of we are Africans. You guys truly have a long way to go. Everybody deserves to be treated with respect not just a man. Change your stupid mentalities Africans and just live in peace. Your being a man doesn’t make you better or higher than any other living being. Your wife is your friend, partner, lover not your maid. If you get mouth shout, she too has mouth to shout. You guys piss me off abeg. What’s all this. I don’t kuku blame the so called men. Instead of you African women to also make your own money you will wait every time for one man to buy pant and bra for you.

See your lives now. You are answerable to them. They treat you like shit cos you don’t have shishi of your own. Everything is being provided for you by a man. You can’t speak, you can’t talk. He is the lord and provider of the universe. Make una continu omg

tosheelaposh If only u write dese wetin I go come write@juicyomgblog u be lawyer?

tosheelaposh I concur yul let’s respect our husband


lindynicky You’re voice is just golden . Well said!

elsiential@juicyomgblog EXACTLY. you literally took the words outta my mouth. I’m so pissed




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