Lady Narrates How She Got Her Boss in Bed

I was sitting in front of Mr Lanre but my mind was elsewhere. I could not take my gaze off his lips, his arms and his broad, s*xy chest. He kept his eyes steadily on me.
Well, he should, since he was interviewing me for a job. I tried to focus and answer his questions the best I could, but damn! this man was fucking hot.
He was probably in his 40’s, but he still had that youthful look in his eyes. I can clearly see his wedding band so I know he was married, but the more he talked to me, the hotter I got for him.
‘Get it together, Lola!’ I scolded myself. He could very well be my boss. Or maybe not, because at this point, I was sure I was probably tanking the interview.
“So in what way do you think you will contribute to Amber Magazine?”
I noticed him look at me expectantly, then I realised he must have asked me a question. I tried to offer as good of  a response as I could, but if you asked me now, I have no clue what I said. He seemed impressed by my answer, however, because he gave me a nod and continued speaking.
I furrowed my eyes as I watched him talk. I gazed curiously at his neck, down his Adam’s apple and towards his chest up until where his white shirt began. F*ck, what I would give to rip off those buttons and straddle him right there in the conference room.
“Alright, I have what I need. We will give you a call when we make a decision,” he was saying. I looked up hurriedly and nodded. I got up to shake his hand. Perhaps, I held on to it longer than necessary because he gave me a very curious look. Or maybe my palms were just so sweaty from daydreaming about fucking him.
It’s been two weeks since I started working at Amber Magazine. In all these times, I hardly ever saw Mr Lanre. He was almost always travelling or busy with meetings. The times I do see him, though, I halted my work on my computer and looked my fill as he made his way around the office.  My nipples tingled and my breath caught as I watched him. Sometimes, he would catch me staring but mostly, he just pretended that he did not notice.
Hell, I was even sure other colleagues noticed, but I could not help it. At nights, I would undress, lay on the bed and finger-fuck myself while imagining him touching me. I would lick my lips and dream about kissing him. Whenever I f*cked my boyfriend, I would close my eyes as his dick slid in and out of me and imagine Mr Lanre f*cking me. I really had it bad.
One Thursday afternoon, I received an email from Mr Lanre, telling me that I would be attending an event with him on Friday night. The event which was taking place at one of the halls at The Eko Hotels will go into the night, the mail said. It was like Christmas came early. I left the office way before closing time so I could shop. It was the one opportunity I had to be with him alone.
I was to cover the red carpet and get quotes from celebs which will be used in the magazine. So, I chose my outfit carefully. I went with a short red dress that hugged my curves and had a daring slit on the side. The dress also showcased my boobs very sultrily. I also shopped for underwear and lingerie in the hopes that Mr Lanre and I will eventually have our night.
It was certainly a busy evening. I was so focused on schmoozing with the celebs that for a couple of hours, I forgot about seducing Mr Lanre. It was fun and I even flirted a bit here and there. The event itself was not so bad but I had to take a lot of notes for the article I would have to write on it that I could not fully enjoy it.
Finally, at about 2am Mr Lanre found me, gave me a Key Card and room number, then told me I could head in whenever I was ready. He also added that he would be coming in soon.
I lost all interest in all the buzz and the fun then. I hurriedly packed my iPad and notes and headed to the room. I wanted to be ready for him. Once I entered, I went into the shower, took a bath and chose to go for the underwear I bought. It was blue and lacy.
My nipples were extremely visible through the bra and the thong I paired it with did a lot to flatter my ass. I heard the knock on the door as I was just done getting ready. I covered myself with a robe and went to open for Mr Lanre.
He also went into the shower as soon as he entered. I took off my robe and went to lay in bed, using the duvet to cover up. When he came out of the bathroom, I watched him go to the couch, bring out his laptop and began to type away. I could not believe he was actually working while I was lying here,  almost n*ked. Desperate times called for desperate measures, they say.
I closed my eyes, pretending to be asleep. Then I began to toss and turn ever-so-gently that it would look like I was doing so in my sleep. I continued doing this so the duvet would fall off me and he can have a clear vision of my body from across the room. I was lying on my back and I had moved so the duvet fell beneath my breasts. I had my boob free. From the bottom of my eyelids, I noticed Mr Lanre look up at me. His gaze lingered on my boobs, then he went back to work.
‘Hmm, that didn’t work,’ I thought to myself. So, I continued to gently toss until the duvet reached my waist and went even lower. When Mr Lanre was still pretending not to notice me, I unleashed my final weapon. I turned around to my tummy so my ass was right in his line of vision. I could hear him clear his throat. I smiled to myself as I moved some more and began to make a moaning sound. I kept moving gently here and there until, finally, I felt a hand on my ass.
Mr Lanre had come to join me in bed. He lay down beside me and began to palm my ass.
“Lola,” he whispered. I did not respond. It was not until he called my name two more times that I peered up at him ‘sleepily.’ I turned around so my boobs were in his face again and saw him look down to my nipples.
He was about to say something when I put my hands around his neck and pulled him down so his face was resting between my boobs. All the teasing had gotten me so horny at this point that as soon as his mouth covered my boobs, I gave a deep moan. He licked and nibbled at my nipple through my bra, leaving a slight dampness. He then took his mouth off to do the same to the other boob. The cool air hit my nipple and it hardened even more.
“Please, please, just f*ck me,” I moaned. I had played games for weeks now, I was done.
He took off the trousers he was wearing and came to lie atop me. I hurriedly took down my panties and wrapped my hands and legs around him as his cock entered me.
“Yes….yes, fuck me harder, please,” I said.
He slid his cock inside me deeper and began to f*ck me even harder. We both began panting and moaning as we f*cked in the stillness of the night. He put his head down to take my nipple in his mouth again, flicked his tongue on it and I felt my pussy tightened around him. I came harder than I had ever cum before. He held me through my orgasm, until finally, after a few thrusts, he found his own.
The next morning, I got out of bed and began packing up our things. I was parading the room n*ked and satisfied while he slept. I just finished packing his laptop when I heard him call to me.
“Lola, this cannot happen again,” he said groggily. His eyes betrayed his words as they looked my naked body over.
I turned around to smile at him while walking slowly towards where he lay.
“What cannot happen, Mr Lanre?”
The closer I got to him, the faster he breathed. I slowly made my way to sit on top of his n*ked body.
“We cannot keep f*cking. I am your boss,” he said while trying to pretend that he was not looking at my boobs.
I smiled at him. “We cannot?”
“We cannot!” he replied.
“I think we can,” I said, as I moved up a little and slid his cock into me.
….to be continued.
Credits: Hot Pulse


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