Man kills his 2 young kids on Father’s Day before hanging himself

A 40-year-old father is believed to have murdered his young son and daughter then hanged himself on Father’s Day during a custody battle with his estranged wife.

Deputies from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Department arrived at the Santa Rosa, California, home of Alvaro Camara, 40, on Monday morning to a horrifying scene as they responded to a welfare check.
He was supposed to drop his six-year-old daughter and 18-month-old son off at their mother’s house Sunday night, but never showed up.


The estranged wife and mother of the two deceased children released a statement Tuesday ‘I sit… swaddled in my daughter’s blanket and drinking tea from a cup that reads ‘I love you mom’, fighting back the tears and struggling to make sense of this horrific situation’

‘I sought help on numerous occasions and said many many many times my children were in danger in their fathers care and I didn’t receive the urgent help I needed to save them’ the statement concludes.

Deputies found Camara and his children dead inside the home. Camara hanged himself in a bedroom, the bodies of his daughter and son were nearby.

Camara’s two children, six-year-old daughter Juliana and 18-month-old son, Julian, spent Father’s Day with him. He was married, but had been separated from his wife for six months.

Neighbors say he lived in the complex only a few months but the arguments between him and his wife were intense on several occasions.

Source: DailyMail