Married Woman Attacks Young Girl With Acid

A lady has been left in pains, after a married woman who claims she dreamt that the former snatched her husband, poured acid on her.

As a result, the young girl lost one eye, and her breasts have been damaged “beyond repair”. The story was shared by Ijeoma Uba, and she wrote;

This beautiful girl who made distinctions in her WAEC examination was bathed in acid by a married woman.
The reason?

Madam married woman claimed she saw this girl and her mother chasing her in a dream. In that same dream, this girl took her place as the wife of her husband who is a driver.

Madam Josephine the dreamer, woke from her dream, targeted this budding talent who is said to be the brightest in her family, and bathed her in acid.

I can’t display all the pictures here because they are gory. But medically, she can’t breastfeed her children when she eventually has them because her breasts are damaged.

An eye has also gone blind. All because she was seen in a dream taking the place of a full grown married woman.

Source: Yabaleftonline


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