Reasons Many Young Girls Want To Become Slay Queens And Babymama

I always feel bad whenever I see young girls on Facebook, Twitter, and several other social media parading themselves as slay queens or babymama of a popular musician or a very rich guy.

That’s why I decided to drop this article concerning why many young girls have decided to be slay queens or babymama instead of being a responsible lady. Recall that not long ago, pictures of young Nigerian girls went viral on many social media because they considered themselves as slay queens and that they equally ready to take the leadership from old school slay queens. Let’s go into the business of the day why many girls have actually choose to be slay queens and babymama.

1. Material Things: Many young girls want to belong to the society and have decided to get material things so that they can actually belong to this society where material things are the order of the day. You will believe with me that these slay queens have expensive phones, like the latest iPhones, expensive wristwatch, cars, expensive clothes, shoes etc.

The Quest to get all these material things have actually lured many of our young girls to become slay queens or babymama by jumping from one rich guy to another.

2. Many Babymama have monthly allocation lol: This is true, not long ago I heard that one popular musician gives his babymama 300k every month for being his babymama. Now tell me how many graduates do you think their monthly salary are up to 300k? If the answer is no, tell me why many girls will not want to be a babymama. This is another strong reason why many girls have decided to become babymama. Lol

3. Bad Association: Many young girls don’t even know what it is to be a slay queen or babymama but because they now associate with bad friends, those bad friends have actually lured them into believing that becoming a slay queen or babymama is the best. Whenever they see these bad friends leaving large, buying expensive clothes, shoes, phones, etc they will have no option than to join the bad friends there by spoiling their useful habits which is very bad.

4. Social Media: In this era where social media is making our young girls go gaga, and learn many bad things. You will believe with me that social media have contributed immensely into our young Nigerian girls becoming slay queens and babymama. Many young girls feel jealous if they see many celebrity babymamas, e.g, Wizkid, Davido‘s babymamas etc posting pictures on their various social media accounts.

5. Finally Many Break Up: Many of these our young beautiful slay queens and baby mama’s have had many break ups and have vowed not to enter into any relationship again instead they choose to become slay queens and baby mama’s. On behalf of the slay queens association, I beg our guys to minimize how they break these young girls heart. Make una dey hold them strong. Lol

I have to stop here, you can actually add yours. In my next article I will look into the dangers of being a slay queen or babymama. Thanks

Written by Wisdom Nwedene


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