See Evil Thing This Man Did Barely 24 Hours After Being Employed

A Newly employed staff of a popular hotel has been arrested for allegedly stealing two laptops barely 24 hours after he was employed.

The 29-year-old was said to have visited the hotel in the early hours of Friday, June 23, in a bid to seek for employment, and was he employed by the management of the hotel on the spot after serious plea.

After closing from work later that night, two laptops were reported missing and investigations revealed that the newly employed staff had made away with the company’s properties.

He was then handed over to the police after he was arrested by the Hotel security guards at white sand stadium, idera ilu.

The hotel manager said:

“The man came to seek for a job In hotel and just after the night when we have closed, He went away with this two laptops”.

Source: Yabaleftonline


  1. those are the kind of people that makes companies refuse to employ youth nowadays, they make jobs hard for us, now as it is that hotel would not want to employ anybody such as himself, I just pray that God should help us, as for that boy, make sure he is thoroughly dealt with, I rest my case.