Wife kills her father-in-law by squeezing his testicles ( Her reasons are shocking )

A woman reportedly killed her father-in-law identified as Gau Kerketta by squeezing his testicles during a hot argument.

The old man, died from excessive bleeding after his daughter-in-law, Anima Kharia, lunged at him and grabbed his genitals.

It is understood that Gau had been trying to mediate in an argument between his daughter-in-law and his son, Bhairaw.

Anima and her husband, Bhairaw, were said to be quarreling over their fowls which had lost a cock fight in India.

Indian police officer, Ashok Kumar, said: “The couple was probably drunk.”

“The father-in-law tried to pacify them, but the woman grabbed his testicles and squeezed them. The man died on the spot,” Kumar said.

Anima, who is in her mid-30s, is said to have confessed to killing her father-in-law, but claimed it was accidental.

“The man died of excessive bleeding. This was one of the causes mentioned in the autopsy report,” officer Kumar said.

Anima is currently being held in prison, as the investigation continues, Mirror says.


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