Woman kills father-in-law by squeezing his private parts

A woman allegedly killed her father-in-law by squeezing his private parts when the old man tried to break her fight with his son over losing a cockfight at a village fair in Jharkhand’s Gumla district last weekend.

Police said Anima Kharia of Saitola village was angry with husband Bhairaw Kerketta after their rooster lost a cockfight and the couple had to give the bird away to the winner.

After they came home in the evening, the couple quarrelled over the loss.

“The couple was probably drunk. The father-in-law, Gau Kerketta, tried to pacify them but the woman in her mid-thirties grabbed his testicles and squeezed them. The man died on the spot,” said Basia police station officer-in-charge Ashok Kumar.

Police arrested Anima after the incident was reported next morning. She was sent to Gumla jail on Tuesday, the officer said.

In her statement to police, the woman pleaded guilty but said the incident was accidental, not intentional.

The old man probably died of pain and internal bleeding from a ruptured organ.

“The man died of excessive bleeding. This was one of the causes mentioned in the autopsy report,” Kumar said.

The couple, however, was not charged with participating in a cockfight, a sport banned in Jharkhand in the wake of several protests by animal rights activists.