Bizarre!!! Villagers take prayer requests to mysterious motorcycle

Villagers of the Indian city of Jodhpur, Rajasthan state, came to worship an old motorcycle. According to local legend, the Royal Enfield 350cc motorcycle’s owner suffered an accident at the site where the temple housing the motorcycle stands.
The accident is said to have occurred on December 23, 1988 and the rider, identified as 23-year-old Om Singh Rathore, passed away on the spot.
The locals believe that when police took the motorcycle to the local station, it mysteriously vanished and reappeared at the accident scene. The police officers thought that Rathore’s relatives must have taken it back to the site.
They therefore emptied it of fuel and removed its chain. However, the same thing happened again, it magically went missing and was found at the scene again.
Even after Rathore’s family sold the bike to a buyer 400km away, it still reappeared at the same scene. Eventually, the villagers believed that both Rathore and the bike were deities to be worshiped.
They therefore decided to build a temple at the site of the accident, where the motorcycle is on display. They called it “Om Banna Temple.”
It has become a major religious attraction and thousands of people troop in from across the state in the hope that their prayers would be answered.
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