( World Oldest Couple ): 95 year-old woman marries 93 year-old man

Age is just a number when it comes to love,  that was the story of a newly-wedded groom aged 93 from England, who has hitched his late spouse’s bridesmaid. 95-year old Margaret, and Bernard who is two years younger knew each other when they were more youthful, yet reunited six years back at the burial service for Bernard’s late-spouse.
According to Margaret’s youngest son aged 52, Ben opened up about his undying love for his mum during a funeral service, acknowledging that the revelations boggled him.
Bernard’s late spouse was reportedly a close friend to Margaret in their childhood and Margaret was even their bridesmaid when the match got hitched decades ago.
And now, years later, she was the lady at Bernard’s wedding, and strolled down the passageway at a nearby church with bouquets of flowers fixed to Margaret’s wheelchair.
Fascinatingly, it was their children who walked the now two oldest couple in the world down the aisle.
Source: ( Naij.com )



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