Wednesday , 26 July 2017

Actress Omotola Opens Up on Her Controversial S*x Scenes in Recent Movie

In a new drama, “Alter Ego” Omotola Jalade Ekeinde played a woman with multiple personalities and was in some s*x scenes.

The new movie by Moses Inwang‘s Sneeze Films, which also stars Wale Ojo has just been released and as expected, people are talking about the s*x scenes.

In an interview with Jayne Augoye of Premium Times, Omotola discussed what her husband thinks about the movie.
On how her husband perceives her s*x scene in the movie, Alter Ego
Some of the s*x scenes in Alter Ego were downplayed because I’m married. But I won’t play the s*x scenes if it wasn’t necessary to be included in the film. I know by starring in this movie that my fans would either hate me or love me forever.
While shooting the film, I knew I was doing something quite risky. There are several ways to shoot a s*x scene tastefully. I’m all for playing a s*x scene convincingly and my husband knows this. I tell my husband, “You know what darling, you married an actor”; and secondly, he is my biggest fan. I tell him, “Do you want me to be great or do you just want me to be good?” He will say, “I want you to be great, sparklingly great”.
Then I’ll say, “ Ehen, we go love o” and he’s fine with it. He understands but just like every other human being and the professional that he is, he too wants to be convinced that I played a s*x scene because it was necessary. I know when he watches movies sometimes he would say, “Did they have to kiss if they were not going to kiss well?” When I wasn’t even confident, I starred in a movie called a prostitute, which was released 22 years ago. If I didn’t die then, is it now? I’m ready.
On if Nigerians will embrace such movies 
You don’t even have to “chop” somebody’s mouth if you don’t want to. If the scene is not about you showing real mad crazy love then you can’t now be showing mouth to mouth kissing or removing of clothes. In Nigerian movies, we have downplayed chemistry.
I hope we can bring that back. Back in the day when I shot Mortal Inheritance in 1995, I had to spend time with my co-star, Fred Amata. He was already a renowned director and in those days, directors were revered. So imagine, my director who had directed me in a movie prior now acting as my lover. I was really afraid that we broke the ice by spending time with each other.
So, he demystified himself and we had chemistry and you could tell. So, I’m hoping all of this returns to Nigerian movies. So, as professionals, we need to ask ourselves if it is necessary for a movie to have a s*x scene and when it is, it should be done well.
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  1. I love it
    Keep it up girl

  2. U’ve lost d confidence and love most Nigerians have 4 u.Imagine how ur children will feel wen they watch their mum turning into a P0*nstar.It’s so embarrassing. Must u do this?Is it bcos of money cos I know ur husband is doing well.U were many girls mentor until this disgraceful act.

  3. It’s Tech Prstitution. It’s demeaning and very unhealthy, no good lesson, immoral and dirty , real or not…..@ Lawrence thanks for that boldness, 21st century women’s brain has gone bananas, since s*x is the only way she can be great, it’s all this mortal real, but remember a day of accountability is coming.

  4. Her husband is weak and she seem to have overpowered him becos of her inflated is unfortunate that Omotola has chosen to promote and protect her career at the detriment of her family, fans and her creator. Remember the judgment day. No nollywood celeb in God’s kingdom o..

  5. Sooo many haters. Omotola is one of the most loved and respected actress in our movie industry. Omosexy kudos

  6. its quite unfortunate, let your husband convince the world that he supported you to disgrace his personality and his entire being .
    your excuse is not genue pls .
    I am highly disappointed that you eventually joined then even at your age.
    you have disappointed all your fans but its never too late.
    you are still loved and respected if you will change. this is AFRICA we honour our culture.

  7. Human begins are not predictable. She wants to reign like some or colleagues so she has to emulate them as a late starter. Don’t forget that her s*x life would have reduced at home this the need to argument it. She has derailed.

  8. No excuse can excuse anyone who sin openly or privately, she is no model for real youths but sick folks like it..
    shame ..
    ungodly mess


  9. No respect for ur husband and family; ur husband don’t need to complain b4 u accord him that respect. ur body belongs to just u n him and not to some guy in the name of career; see how that guy was squeezing, pressing, smooching n kissing u; a married woman! mtchew… omotola can u sit down with ur husband and daughters to watch that scene? it’s OK, go ahead, teach ur daughters he to do it. I’m just disappointed

  10. she is just saying rubbish,how will you enjoy playing a s*x scene..disappointed mhen. u con dey lie ontop ur husband..geraraere

  11. Y’all should shove in your religious comment’s down your throat.

    doesn’t your other america actors/actresses do more worse off in moviez?

  12. Let me tell you people I was in dat location, We shoot d movie last year Around lekki and Ajah Area… Her husband was in dat location 4 visiting her n he understand diz particular scene dat is not real @ll.. If u fans believe d scene was a real s*x, dat mean both r perfect coz we r shooting movies n Act well 2 make it real… But I must convince u guys dat d Scene was not real n she n her husband was spend a lot of time 2geda @ dat location…. Plz don’t hate her, she is trying 2 make d Acting real as her profession but mind u IS NOT REAL OOOOOOOOO

  13. Nigerians….. so we shud start doing do movies without s*x scenes??
    imagine hypocrites!! you all sit and watch P0*n once in a while, even f**k on a regular basis! now a movie tries to depict just how lovers get down and fools be here saying bla bla bla bla!!
    funny enough those castigating will always have a hard-on watching dat Omotola s*x scene!!

  14. Jesus is coming soon.

  15. Make i hear word, if e no look real wuna go complain, e look real wuna still complain; na film ooh no be real life s*x scene oh; americans de f**k well 4 films, even kpae join, wild animals swallow them, 4 movies, e mean say na real? make wuna encourage her not insult her! one love 2 u!

  16. For her hubby to go well with the act as she proclaimed, I want to believe it is a make believe but because our mental development in film mastery and consciousness is not there yet we tend to see the act as real,however for her status and African value she should have rejected that role, after all she has made her mark in the industry,

  17. @lawrence, do you know how it feels to do things professionally? she is a profession actor so she has to be more professional on set to bring that scene out. after all her husband is not complaining

  18. haters hate on. what some of u do behind closed doors is much more sinful and immoral more than this . omosexy ur career, ur life. great husband u ve there. . been missing U and others in action since u guys went in break on acting.

  19. You don`t ve to compromise just bcos u want to b famous.loving d world is enemity wit God.give ur life to christ if u have not he loves u.please lets ensure we do d right thing always in the fear of God.Jesus is coming soon.

  20. Hmmmmm. Nigerians sha! Wat do we even knw abt acting? Dats just de simple reasons y I dnt watch home videos.
    Do we 4get de fact dat for every scene, de director, camera men nd all de crews re present there? Hw possible den is it for such tins to be real? Abi no be person camera de scences? Abegi, some re known for condemning odas

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