”Attention Has Fall On Me”: Tekno Tweets After Wizkid Shaded Him

I believe you are aware of the beef between Wizkid and Davido with Tekno being the latest ingredient in the barbecue. Recent developments are indicating that the beef is just a publicity stunt to keep the artistes involved trendy. We all know Wizkid is dropping his ”Sounds from the other side” project by June 14, so it is likely that his team is looking at something that will keep fans in anticipation of the work. On the part of Davido, Twitter trends involving his name is really good for his brand, that’s why he might not be all that bothered about Wizkid likening his voice to that of a frog. With Wizkid shading Tekno after he appeared to have sided with Davido, one would think Tekno will respond with his own shade. Sorry fans, if that’s what you are expecting, because Tekno is currently on Twitter celebrating the fact that he is trending and his followers have jumped from as low as 35k to over 40k and counting under the 24hrs he got shaded by Wizkid. Read his tweets below to draw your own conclusion.

Source: Twitter


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