Baringo MCA Minito Found Dead in the River

The missing Thomas Loktari Minito was the Baringo Member of County Assembly (MCA). He was found dead under a bridge in the Ol Donyo Sabuk River.

Samuel Mukindia, the area police chief, told that the body of Minito was completely decomposed beyond recognition. However, the police managed to identify the missing MCA of Baringo County from documents (party member card), which was with the dead man.

Notwithstanding this, police will make the further analysis to know exactly that the body belongs to Thomas Loktari Minito As it became known to Tuko News, Minito had a serious injury on his head. Probably, it was caused by a rounded object.

The members of his family told the police yesterday that reportedly two or three policemen took him from the café and drove away. Nobody saw him alive since that time.

Minito was a very influential figure in Baringo County. He enjoyed much political influence.  His death undoubtedly caused much nervousness in the county.

Thomas Loktari Minito recently dealt with plenty of charges connected with the stimulation of violence in Baringo. During a year criminals killed over ten people. Among them was Tristan Voorspuy, a rancher from the United Kingdom.

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