Bill Gates dethroned as the World Richest man

The Chief Executive of Inc,  Jeff Bezos has dethroned billionaire Bill Gates as the richest person in the world., Jeff is said to be profiting from the e-commerce company’s meteoric stock rise to reach a fortune of 90.6 billion dollars, Forbes reported.

Amazon shares jumped 1.6 per cent at the start of trading on Thursday, boosting the net worth of Bezos – the company’s founder and largest
shareholder – by 1.4 billion dollars,according to Forbes, which tracks the world’s wealthiest.

The stock was up ahead of Amazon’s second-quarter earnings report after Thursday’s market close.

Analysts expect the world’s largest online retailer will report that its sales jumped 22 per cent to 37.2 billion dollars, according to media.


Bezos, a relative newcomer to the top of Forbes’ list, has benefited from the seemingly boundless expansion of Amazon into new markets.

The former bookseller plans to acquire Whole Foods Market Inc at the same time it is making strides in the fashion business, Hollywood, enterprise

computing and general retail from India to Mexico.

Media could not independently verify the wealth of Bezos or Microsoft Corp’s co- founder Gates.

A philanthropist, Gates has given 31.1 billion dollars to charitable causes through 2016 and has a net worth of 90.1 billion dollars, Forbes said.



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