Blue Ivy Shows Off Rapping Skills on JayZ’s ‘4:44’ Album

The physical edition of JAY-Z‘s album, “4:44,” is out today, we are surprised with a track where Blue Ivy raps her heart out.

The daughter of Beyoncé and Jay Z featured in a track called “Blue’s Freestyle/We Family” giving a 45-second rap on her dad’s new album.

The budding rap princess starts her flow with:

“Everything, everything is my only single thing/Everything I hear is my answer … I never hear that/I be in the posse/Never seen a ceiling in my whole life.”

The adorable Blue Ivy finished her rap part with “Boom shakalaka/Boom shakalaka/Everything in shaka/ Everything in faka.”

JAY-Z’s physical “4:44” album also features two other bonus songs. One is “Adnis,” named after the rapper’s father, Adnis Reeves.


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