Bread-seller Turned Model Olajumoke Allegedly Bleaching Her Skin

Olajumoke Orisaguna is currently testing a new ground aside modelling in a bid to write her name on the sands of time.
The bread-seller turned model recently launched her Vlog and has started getting both positive and negative comments from fans. In less than a few hours after the launch, she has been accused of bleaching her skin.
Prior to the launch of her show, people have mostly been exposed to photos of the Osun State native but seeing her now in videos is a different thing. Based on the clips from the Vlog, most Nigerians are saying the star is bleaching her skin as evident in her photos.
Some of the photos show Olajumoke’s knuckles which appears to be turning darker and can only be as a result of a harsh product altering her skin colour.
As fans hail her for the new show, they also asked why her knuckles are getting darker and concluded she must be bleaching her skin.
The Payporte and Shirley Confectioneries ambassador is yet to respond to the accusation but above is a photo of her looking slightly different from the bread-seller most remember.