When Buhari Is Declared Dead, The Plan Is For Osinbajo To Appoint Nasir El Rufai As His VP- Fani Kayode Says

Former minister, Femi Fani-Kayode once again came hard on the Muhammadu Buhari’s led APC government by alleging that there is a ploy to have Osinbajo appoint Nasir El Rufai as his VP in the event that the president dies.

"APC Leaders Should Say Where They Got The Money To Buy Private Jets" - FFK
According to Femi Fani-Kayode, Tony Blair arrived Kaduna to convey British approval of the plan. Here’s what he wrote;

“Whilst the werewolf sleeps in London, Tony Blair arrives in Kaduna where the vampires gather to share Nigeria’s flesh and drink her blood.
When Buhari is declared dead the plan is for Osinbajo to appoint Nasir El Rufai as his VP.
Tony Blair has come to Kaduna to convey British approval of that plan.
El Rufai is slotted to take over from Osinbajo in 2019 but God will shock them.
When will the British leave us alone? When will they stop manipulating us and interfering in our affairs?

The blood of the Christians and Shiite Muslims of S. Kaduna speaks against Nasir El Rufai and the Buhari admin..
They are finished and all their plans will fail.
The Lord shocked Buhari. He will shock this lot too.
Their power is broken and their time is over.”

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  • We have known him to be a syco patient ,so his antics has never bothered any right thinking Nigerian.Remember,he was rejected by the APC

    • Mad men some times sees visions.but here we are only interested about the where about of our president.Adesina,Lai mohamed should be responding.

  • Fani Kayode is under spirit of deception and he is behaving in an ungodly way.he should remember if not for President obj that brought him to limelight he would not have had the audacity to be talking anyhow without any sense of decorum.pmb is human being like us and we should remember golden rule

  • I still maintain that Fani Kayode should be arrested. I trust this government wen it come to which hunting. He will soon enter ther net and that will mark the end of his baseless allegations.

  • Oga Abdull.even if he was rejected by the APC should not be a strong Escuse for u to be bias and sentimental over what Fani said about elrufai and Tony Blair. Pls my wat u say.

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