Buhari’s Health: ‘I Will Expose Photos To Affirm Buhari Is Not Fine’, Fayose Spits Fire

Governor Ayodele Fayose doubted the Acting President Yemi Osinbajo’s claim that the President is in high spirit and recuperating.

Shortly before the start of Federal Executive Council Meeting this morning, Ag. Yemi Osinbajo spoke with journalist on his one-hour meeting with President Buhari last night affirming that the latter is in good health.

Fayose, who is also the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governors’ Forum however demanded photos and video proofs from the Acting President to authenticate the story.

On his own side, the Ekiti state Governor convincingly stated that Buhari is not fine in London and he should be declared unfit to lead the nation.

According to him:

“We pray for his ( Buhari’s) health and for him to come back in one piece. However, the claim of the Acting President that Buhari is recuperating fast was not true. The President is incapacitated, sick. There is no iota of truth that the President is in good condition.

“In this age of technology, Osinbajo should be able to show Nigerians pictures and short videos of the President to show that he is okay. Nigerians want to see their President”, he noted.

“If they are not careful, I will release 11 photographs about the real health status of the President any moment from now”, Fayose threatened.