Photos of a female ‘suicide bomber’ cradling baby blows herself & baby up

A photo showing a woman cradling holding a baby moments before allegedly blowing herself up with the child in her arms has hit the internet.

The horrifying picture of the female ‘suicide bomber‘, dressed in black and carrying two bags, was captured in the ravaged city of Mosul.

Moments after it was taken, she is believed to have blown herself up with a detonator as she walked past Iraqi troops, holding the child.

She was reportedly leaving a newly liberated part of the Iraqi city holding the baby, at least two bags, and a trigger.

female suicide bomber

It is believed she had tried to trigger the explosives as she walked past soldiers but it went off when she was a distance away, The Telegraph reports.

Two soldiers also reportedly lost their lives, and several civilians were hurt in the incident.

Reports say both the woman and her baby were killed.



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