Dencia Cautions Black Women Who Call Their Men Ugly But Claim Discrimination When The Roles Are Reversed

Cameroonian/Nigerian-born singer and business woman, Reprudencia Sonkey, known by her stage name Dencia, has taken to social media to caution black woman who call their men ugly.

She is of the opinion that Black women call some Black men ugly frequently, but when the roles are eventually reversed and they are referred to in the same manner, these same set of women turn it into some kind of discrimination they face based on skin colour.

She wrote:

Black women call black men Ugly all the time (BTW I say guys are ugly but I love my ugly man) But once a black man calls a black woman ugly,they claim it’s cuz she’s dark skin.Y’all need 2 stop Fr,ugly has no skin tone!!Ugly is Ugly.

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