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The Facebook page of Nigerian Pastor and philanthropist, Prophet T. B. Joshua, who is General Overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nation, has shared the story of a notorious robber and drug dealer who was recently saved. Read below!
Mr Tebogo, a 37 year old South African, testified of how God had turned his life around completely and saved him from a life of drug dealing and crime after receiving a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua. The man of God had prophesied that there was a man covered in tattoos, who was a criminal and evil spirits were tormenting him.
Mr Tebogo explained that from an early age, he was introduced into street life of gangs and robbery, including selling drugs. He said that at home, he portrayed the front of a ‘good boy’ to his mum whereas as soon as he hit the streets, he would sell drugs and get involved in gang life doing different criminal activities. Eventually, Mr Tebogo owned a gun and started stealing cars. His first car was stolen but he continued lying to his mother about who he really was and explained to her that he had bought it.
Mr Tebogo and his gang would also hang out in different pubs and clubs. After people came out of the clubs drunk, they would take advantage of the situation, tie their unsuspecting victims up and rob them of their cars and possessions. Mr Tebogo was arrested and in prison, he learned new ways of survival. He joined prison gangs and discovered that by being a cleaner in the prison, he could gain connections to get hold of food, toiletries and other commodities which were very precious in prison life. He explained that as an artist, he passed his time in prison through drawings and he got his first tattoos while being there.
After being released from prison, Mr Tebogo bought a professional tattoo kit and decided to improve his artistic skills and earn money by doing tattoos for people. However, this did not stop his life of crime. He kept advancing and it climaxed the day he was involved in an armed robbery. The police immediately arrived at the scene and a chase ensued. He fled from the police and was able to hide behind a door of a nearby residential building. Holding the door closed with his foot, he watched as the police and security officers ran past.
Thinking that the chase was over, he sighed a sigh of relief only to look up and see a man who lived in that building who had tried to open the door, showing the police where he was hiding. The next thing he heard was a gunshot and an excruciating pain shot through his ankle. He tried to run and dragged himself away from the police into another building, bleeding profusely. Passers-by found him there and called an ambulance. Mr Tebogo ended up spending nine months in hospital in and out of surgery on his ankle due to the gunshot wound.
After being discharged from hospital, Mr Tebogo again went into a life of crime and drug dealing. He explained that through his entire life, his mother was always by his side and never gave up on him. She would always pray for him and talk to him about God. Seeing that her son needed deliverance, she introduced him to Emmanuel TV and encouraged him to visit The SCOAN. At first, Mr Tebogo was sceptical but as he watched Emmanuel TV, he saw many different testimonies of others and listened to how God had turned even the most hardened hearts into vessels of honour for His glory. Mr Tebogo’s mother continued to encourage him to visit The SCOAN with her and he eventually agreed, tired of his wretched life.
Mr Tebogo and his mum came to The SCOAN and he was amazed at the love and acceptance he felt even from the moment he arrived at the airport when The SCOAN protocol officers came to pick them up. He thought that he would experience rejection because of his appearance but opposite was the case as he was warmly welcomed into God’s family. During the Sunday service last week, God located Mr Tebogo and he received a prophecy from Prophet T.B. Joshua. He said that as the man of God was prophesying to him, he could feel the mighty presence of God as Jesus Christ touched his heart. He said that it was a strange feeling to him as he realised that God loved him no matter his past.
After his deliverance, Mr Tebogo is now a changed man. He has freedom and joy in his heart and is living his life for Jesus Christ. He no longer wants to go back to his past life of crime and drug dealing and thanked God for saving his life. He advised the youth to seek God and live a Godly life as a life of crime only brings sadness, destruction and an empty life. He also thanked his mother for always being there for him and never giving up.
Mr Tebogo’s mother also thanked God for her son’s miraculous deliverance and explained that he had grown up with her father since Tebogo’s father had been absent in his life. She said that although she had heard for the first time at The SCOAN the extent of the criminal life he had been involved in, she had suspected that something had gone horribly wrong in her son’s life. She knew that he needed help and fast and that was when she introduced him to Emmanuel TV and encouraged him to visit The SCOAN.
Thank You, Jesus Christ for setting this captive free!

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