Ex girlfriend of Nigerian pilot who died in a plane crash apologizes for hating him

Faridat Abubakar, the ex girlfriend of Mark Ukaere, a Nigerian pilot who died in a plane crash in Florida, apologized to him for hating him so much.

The Nigerian pilot died in a plane crash while in Dean International Flight School for an advanced certification in Florida.

Read her apology post to him below…

“I woke up to a bad news this morning and now i am so pained,my day is ruined,oh Mark am so sorry for how i have treated you,i wish this is a lie so i can make it up to you,you weren’t just a friend but a very special one,now am remembering when u will call me but i wouldn’t answer you well coz i was so angry at you,i hated you for hurting me and i will tell u i have a new boyfriend and you will be so jealous but still tell me i hope you happy but infact i am not, it is the most fucked up relationship i ever had,i was just lying to you, you called on June 14 and wanted to talk to me and network couldn’t make u hear me but i dropped the call on u n i didn’t care to call back and now today you gone,how could i hate you so much and now you gone, you didn’t even give me a chance to tell you i have forgiven you,why mark? Why? Now you making me cry so much, never lost someone so close to me, didn’t know this is how it felt to loose someone so dear to you.
You were so kind,so loving, so caring.

Now you’ve left me without even saying goodbye.

Am so sorry Mark. I promise i will never hate anyone again i promise.”

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