Fulani Herdsmen turn the Abuja Stadium to grazing farm

Fulani herdsmen have converted the National Stadium, Abuja, into a fertile land for cattle pasture as weeds overtake the package B section of the $360m facility. It was reported by a Punch  correspondent, who visited the stadium yesterday, saw tall grasses in almost every part of the complex.

Fresh and dried cow dung could be seen on the asphalt within the complex showing that the animals regularly graze on the grasses at the stadium. Fulani

The security officials manning the gate blamed the sports ministry for the deterioration in the condition of the stadium – and for giving the herdsmen unhindered access to the stadium, which hosted the 2003 All Africa Games.

One of the security men, said some of the ministry officials are happy that herdsmen have converted the busy stadium into a grazing field. The source said, “The herdsmen come into the stadium with their cattle almost every day.

They come through the collapsed portion of the fence and we can’t stop them because we are not armed. The management are aware of the situation, but they have refused to do anything about it, meaning they are comfortable with it.”


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