“GOLD OCEAN LTD gave me a happy life with no worries” – Krista Adeola

The world is finally moving to the stage whereby both the female and male gender are both fighting for financial independence. The female gender is also proving that they can solely sponsor and handle the financial need of the family. In this interview with Krista Adeola, one of the female investors with GOLD OCEAN COMPANY , she talked about her journey into the investment world and how she found out about Gold Ocean Company investment.

How did your journey into the investment world started?

For me, I must say my love for investment started from when I was very young. Back in high school, I had an uncle who had investment in a lot of company and was making lot of money. He was not as hard working as my dad, but he was making much more money than him. I decided I was going to be an investor whenever I grow up.

After college, I decided to invest in a start-up electronic company with over $10,000. That particular amount of money meant a lot to me then, but I kept my mind on the bigger picture.

How did your family and friends reacted when they found out about this?

It was not funny then (smiling). Everyone were criticizing me and telling me there was a lot I could have done with that particular amount of money than giving it out “inform of charity” to a company. One of my friends even told me I could have used the money to get myself a car (laughing). But I kept on telling anyone that asked me, that I have my eyes on the bigger picture.

How much did you make from the investment ?

I love keeping my profits and income private, but I made over times two of my investment in the company. Though it took time before I could make that much, but patience is the key.

Presently I have investment in over 10 companies and I am still planning in investing in more companies. Investment is where I make a living, so I keep on looking for new investment opportunities every day.

Let’s talk about Gold Ocean Company. How did you find out about them?

I found out about GOLD OCEAN and their investment plan from one of my friends who is also into investment. I decided to carry out my own personal findings about the company before investing. I don’t just jump into investment without going into my own personal research about the company. I have to know certain things about the company, like when they started operation, their number of investors, company worth, investment plans of the company and their future plans. After getting all this information about the company, I was rest assured it was worth investing in.

What are the things that really caught your attention and made you invest in the company?

One of the things that attracted me to investing in the company was their line of business. The company is presently developing a production system adapted from the offshore oil and gas industry technology to dredge and mine high grade seafloor massive sulphide systems on a commercial scale. This opens a new opportunity to invest in a company that is into something big, with a lot of potentials and motive. Come to think of it, there is a massive deposit of all this minerals in the ocean floor and GOLD OCEAN is the first company to commercially explore all this minerals. If the company is provided with the necessary resources to explore all this minerals, both the investors and the company will gain a lot of money from exploration.

The company operates using the latest universal and steady currencies ranging from Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Also, Gold Ocean operates using such payment systems like Payeer, Advanced cash, OKpay, Perfect money. This provides a more secure way of currencies transfer which is accepted all over the world. With this, I don’t have to worry about going to the bank to waste my time on cash transfer. Time is money to me, so it really saves time.

How much did you invest in the company for a start?

To be sincere, I can’t really remember the actual amount I invested for a start, but I know it should be well over $3000. That was over 8 months ago, and after 15 banking days I have already gotten my first dividends. I spent the money on my parents and used some of them to get something nice for my boyfriend. I spend most of my investment money on my family, because they come first in all I do. At first, I had my doubts about the company when I wanted to invest that much in it for a start. I thought they were one of all these fraudulent companies, because I have lost money to some, but they turned out great.

What are your advice for young and upcoming investors?

They should believe more in investing with the little amount they have. They can invest in Gold Ocean Company. The company has made it easier for young people to invest with their day dividends of 0.54% of the initial deposit so everyone can invest.

You can start small and from there you can become financially independent just like me because making money with Gold Ocean Ltd is very simple!!! Just visit their site and start making your independent future www.gold-ocean.com


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