Graphic: Another suspected Badoo member killed this morning in Ikorodu

Another suspected member of the notorious secret cult, Badoo, was burnt to death in Ebute Ipakodo area in Ikorodu town of Lagos in the early hours of today.

According to reports, the man was caught with black oil robbed all over his body as he made an attempt to enter the premises of a resident.

When he was apprehended, he allegedly confessed to being a member of the secret cult. He said that himself and two others arrived the town in the afternoon to look at the possible places to attack.

Luck however ran out on him as the vigilante youths who were safeguarding the area, caught him.

After his confession, he was killed and his remains was set on fire. According to the residents, a police officer who was around at the time he was caught, couldn’t save him.

Earlier we got series of reports stating that the said community ‘Ebute Ipakodo’ recieved a threatening letter from the dreaded secret cult group BADOO.

A spate of Jungle Justice treatment has been consisitenly pelted out to suspected badoo members at Ikorodu lately

More reports soon.

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