Huddah Monroe Says She Doesn’t Date For More Than 6 Months

Popular Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has just revealed that she doesn’t date for more than six months.

Writing on her page, the former BBA star wondered how couples could be in a relationship for more than six months – a prison she could never subject herself to.

“How do you stay with someone for so long? I need lessons,” she started, adding, “I am a man in some ways. A star gal don’t catch feelings. Catch feelings at your own risk.”

She continued, “If you are the one, God will definitely show me, or show you. I lack patience, that’s for sure and I get bored easily.”

Only last weeks ago the Kenyan socialite revealed that she regrets some of her relationships.

“Sometime I wish I can unfuck some of the people I fucked before. “I am already angry with myself for even letting my [p**sy] out of the bag,” she said.

Now, she ponders the idea of long-term relationships. “I have a ‘men to do list’. I have ticked down a few. Few left before I take this life seriously,” she added.

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Huddah Monroe Says She Doesn’t Date For More Than 6 Months

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