You Are An Imbecile Of A Comedian – Ex Gov’s Daughter

Self acclaimed investigative journalist, Kemi Olunluyo has once again, attacked popular comedian, Seyilaw because he rejoiced when she went to prison and also maintain that his daughter was obese.
It seems that Nigeria’s controversial media personality, Kemi Olunloyo, was not humbled by her time spent in Port Harcourt prison this year (81 days), because the relentless troublemaker and alleged cyber bully has descended heavily on popular Comedian, Seyi Law.
The daughter of former Oyo state governor lambasted the comedian who has reportedly earlier said that he was happy at her arrest and detention.
Here is a lengthy reply written open letter which Kemi Olunloyo targeted at Seyi Law.
“I heard you were happy I went to prison @seyilaw1. Your baby is still FAT AND OBESE. Take lessons from a health professional. There are lots of children in prison and all are healthier than Tiwa. I don’t sugarcoat things. Your baby could hardly move in one crawling video. Stop overfeeding her.
“I heard someone called her Kungfu panda. All these fake fans hyping her baby fat are laughing behind you. I went back to prison for another 24hrs due to a technicality and was glad to go back to check up on our 4 newborns and 5 toddlers. The food is better than your mom’s cooking. There is no prison food.
“You cook your own food. Now I go weekly to prison to drop off supplies and money for inmates with babies and IPOB protesters forgotten by Nnamdi Kanu.
“Excellence, Precious and some of those babies in there need our help, instead u are busy rejoicing about people going to prison, a pharmacist who advised u of your child’s potential health danger. Shame on you and YOUR dumbass comedy.
“I highly regret interviewing you giving u the exposure to my 27 million global blog readers. Go and read more about #childobesity. @majeayida pls forgive my anger here. As a foremost fitness trainer in Nigeria, you promised to do a write up to address fitness in children and childhood obesity but I was locked up for posting a news tip.
“People like Seyi should focus on people giving them correct info rather than promoting fake cybercrime laws against media professionals. As soon as you are back, pls DM. Sorry about the #Lekkifloods. Thanks everyone for reading.”
It was gathered that three days ago, Kemi returned to Port Harcourt prison to pay a visit to her adopted “grandchild” whose mother, Ruth is an inmate of the penitentiary.
Kemi took bags of provisions, diapers and cash to Ruth and other inmates just like some celebrities showed her love while she was incarcerated at the Port Harcourt prison for close to three months.

Source: Tori

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  • God is love. Miss.Kemi, I will say you don’t feel bad about all that happened which took you to prison, buh you should smile always when you remember the souls you are now rendering help to as they need it. God is love, He alone can reward you in His love for all you doing now. Take care and stay well. God bless you!

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