Kemi Olunloyo call out Eniola Badmus over her weight

Kemi Olunloyo is apparently done with Seyi Law, she has now fired fresh shots to Nollywood Actress Eniola Badmus.

Check out her message below.

‘FLASHBACK ON ENIOLA BADMUS’ HEALTH. No such thing as fat shaming when given health advise.

@Regrann from @hnnafrica – #HNNWomen The pretty fat lady in black is definitely #EniolaBadmus’ relative as seen at her dad’s funeral Fidau. Many of the people attacking my social criticism of her weight will be crying #RIP if she were to die of high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease. Nigerians need to eat less, work out and maintain a healthy weight and drink 8 glasses of water daily. Fat does not run in any family, it is accumulated from eating too much. #hnnhealth”

@Regrann from @kemiolunloyo – @Regrann from @hnnafrica– #HNNHealth Meet our cousin Eniola Feedmus. She said she just lost weight after the hot dog diet. #hnndiet🍪🍕🍟 Eat right Eniola and drink lots of water too. Order your #hnndiet kit today. Stop eating junk food. Only N5000 at [email protected]#hnnfood

Kemi Olunloyo fights Eniola Badmus


Kemi Olunloyo fights Eniola Badmus