Man Who Raped His 3-year Old Daughter To Death Finally Executed

This is some very very annoying and hurting news. who does this. he deserved what he got

Ronald Phillips, 43, who raped and killed his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter in 1993 has been executed in Ohio.

Ronald was only 19 when he abused Sheila Marie physically and sexually in Akron, Ohio. He was killed yesterday at the age of 43 – 24 years after he committed the crime. For his final meal, he had requested for a large cheese pizza with bell peppers and mushrooms, a two-litre bottle of Pepsi, and strawberry cheesecake. However, he was unable to eat most of it. He also reportedly refused his planned breakfast.

Ronald’s execution yesterday is the first execution in the US state of Ohio in three years. Executions were put on hold in 2014 when an inmate, Dennis McGuire, gasped and snorted during an injection of a new drug combination. Ronald had made several attempts to halt his execution. He claimed he was only a teenager at the time and this should be taken into account but the US Supreme Court denied his last-ditch attempts.

As Ronald lay on the execution table, he apologised to the child’s aunt and half-sister, who were there to watch him die for his crimes.

He said: “I know that Sheila Marie didn’t deserve what I did to her. I’m sorry you had to live so long with my evil actions. All those years I prayed you’d forgive me and find it in your heart to forgive and have mercy on me.”

He appeared to say a prayer before he was given a three-drug combination never used in Ohio before. He died 10 minutes after giving his final statement.

Donna Hudson, the victim’s aunt, said: “God forgave him, but, I’m sorry, I don’t think I can.”

Below is a photo of Sheila’s body during autopsy.


Source: Linda Ikeji

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