(Must Read) “Why You Should Be a Yahoo Boy”

2:56 a.m this morning, I woke up to go use the loo for the 8th time because I had been reacting to the enjoyment (Cassava flakes and 3 tins of milk) I had yesterday.

My phone on hand, nature was doing her job whilst I stared vacantly into my Facebook news feed, suddenly!!! I stumbled upon the story of the arrest of yahoo boys who scam and defraud unsuspecting persons via voodoo (sacrifice humans) they had been arrested for their perilous fleeting devilish activities for money making.

I never use to pay attention to their stories, Reading that? My poo melted, my heart squatted, I felt like some iodine had been inserted into my thyroid glands.

What??? These are kids age ranking from 18-25. Who confessed to killing their girlfriends, making them useless in life and ended several innocent people to enhance their progression. All in the name of ‘getting rich quick syndrome’ and perhaps to be evidence of the swoon song “30 billion in the account” They’ve mortgaged their future, destiny and soul for money that could be their own in life. Yes!! theirs.

Roughly 5 years ago an herbalist who had converted to a believer told me_ first hand, how voodoo works; he said “you only make all the money you will earn in your entire life in only a short amount of time. If you are supposed to make 100 million in 80 years of your life, you will make that same amount of money within 5 years, then death or something bad follows”.

‘A Thief can only steal from himself’, when a person steals he is simply stealing from his future. Some people are suffering from the outcome of their Great Grand Father’s actions “When the devil gives you a cap, he will take the cap back with your head”. Dad briefly whispered us back home about the story of a late Nigerian Billionaire airliner (I don’t want to drop his name), he was once upon a time one of the richest men in the Country, he died a mysterious death, before death—his body rottened whilst he was still alive, he committed so much atrocities, when he died even the grounds rejected him.

All the things and billions he ever own vanished same way it came. Alas and Alack the truth became apparent to everyone, but then? it was too late.

READ MORE……From the perspective of a less moral Nigerian, yahoo boys are heroes, to the moral ones, They are seen as the bad eggs.

The truth is, these acts has given us discredit and a bad name in the international community, having left the borders of Nigeria, I realized that other nationals second guess our honesty, they act with extra cautious when dealing with us. Most online shopping websites have blacklisted Nigeria. Our corporate image has been soiled probably beyond repair. No one wants to deal with a Nigerian, this is so pathetic.

Most of these kids when caught gave the credits of their misfortune to their supportive parents on the wrong side of the track. This makes me sometimes feel ‘no home training is better than bad home training’.

Youths—Ask questions before you delve into certain things in life, you will definitely get answers. Let’s not be so cheap that we don’t look before we leap. Sooner or later we will all be tempted tested.

Before then, get MIND. I challenge you to have a brave MIND. the kind of bravery I’m talking about is not of evil but the common mind to resist temptations, ‘there is dignity in labor’. Thence I challenge you to live honestly within your own means, and not dishonestly upon the means of others.

I want to encourage us to have the right courage. Be brave enough to struggle like real men, courageously embrace disappointments, let your soul posses it self under every vicissitudes, be strong enough to convert your pitfalls into sky rise, your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Ensure your father and mother are proud of what you do, make the greatest country in Africa ‘Nigeria’ proud again, make your self proud, and above all? Make God Almighty in heaven look at you and say: “That’s my child”.

Any young man who dares to display himself in this right silent effort and endeavor, and dares to endure all the sufferings all for truth and duty is more truly heroic than the achievements of a Thief in king clothings. When we have the orientations of a brave MIND or ‘The True Billionaires Mind’ like I tagged it; the world in no time will surely step aside to let US pass.

Undoubtedly, Nigerians are hard working anywhere we find ourselves. We are creative, but then, some our youths are creative on the negative side, I want to encourage us to turn that negativity into positivity, desist and turn your energies on something enviable. This is my observation as someone who thinks with an open mind.

May God bless as you a Become a modified Y. A. H. O. O . Boy/Girl.

Y. Youths
A. Allowing
H. Hardwork
O. Omitting
O. Obreption

Felix Ade-Frank
Author /Life Coach.



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