Nigerian Lady Finds Biafran Currency In Her Grandfather’s Belongings (Photos)

A Nigerian lady and a female member of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB took things a step further following a revelation she made on her Facebook page. The young lady identified as Nmesoma James, shared pictures of some Biafran currency which she said she found among her grandfather’s collections. Nmesoma who calls herself ‘Ada Biafra’, flaunted the Biafran Pounds while confirming that she is ”proudly part of this evangelism”.

Nmesoma James wrote:

“Biafra has come to stay. No matter what them yarn. Just discovered this cash in our granddad’s collection…It’s purely biafran currency. Ada Biafra flexing her currency…Proudly part of this evangelism…#adabiafra #ourown”


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