Nigerian lawyer writes Seyilaw over his daughter Tiwa’s weight (Must read)

A lawyer has written an Open Letter to Comedian Seyilaw over his daughter whom many have fingered to be obese.

Earlier today, the topic of her weight sprung up again, after his bitter spat with controversial journalist, Kemi Olunloyo.

Now, a Nigerian Lawyer, Ayomide Adebayo-Oyetoro has written to Seyilaw to really watch his child.

Below is what she wrote;

‘I was obese as a child and I still am. And I’m not the only one. Research shows about one in five school aged children are obese. Parents close their eyes to this reality by claiming the child would outgrow it. It rarely happens.

Children should be fed right, properly and healthy. An obese child is open to a lot of health really risks. I know because I am speaking from experience.

Firstly, an obese child is prone to eating disorders. Most times, an obese child becomes an obese adult and becomes prone to eating disorders because she’d lack self-control to be able to say no to good food.

Another effect of child obesity is cardiac issues including but not limited to hypertension, asthma etc. I had asthma as a child and I still do as an adult. My attacks zigzag with my weight.

Lastly, another effect of child obesity is bone related diseases. An obese child is prone to bone ailments like arthritis, rheumatism. Tell an obese person to climb stairs and watch them thank you.

Sugarcoat it all you want, the effects are long lasting. From low self-esteem to depression.

Watch Tiwa’s weight biko! Thank you!
Cc @kemiolunloyo’

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  • Lol, some people can be so funny I wonder y they r picking on this little child she is fat nd obese because she is still a baby or Mayb that her nature or probably she got it from the father trait or mother just bcos of that u advice the parent to watch her weight biko who those that, a little baby? Wen she start growing teeth she is will be physically ohk….so leave the cute little girl alone.

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