Olumba Olumba Gives Nnamdi Kanu and Biafra Agitators Serious Warning

The spiritual leader of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu has cautioned Nnamdi Kanu and all those behind the agitation for Biafra nation to desist from it as such will never happen.

According to DailyPost, the spiritual leader said this while addressing a congregation of adherents and guests at the Church headquarters in Calabar, Cross River State capital, Sunday, the Clergyman disclosed that the agitators were after their own pockets.

He said the agitators should rather emphasise on unity, love and forgiveness for one another in the country.

“How many of those agitating for secession actually witnessed the last Biafra war? Or are they looking for another war? Do they think Nigeria will fold its arms and watch them?
“They can go ahead with the referendum. Anybody who wants to go with them can so. They should stop this Biafra thing because it will never work” he emphasised.

The spiritual leader used the opportunity to again assured that President Muhammadu Buhari will not die but will return to the country with good health to complete his tenure.

“President Buhari is executing an assignment saddled him with by God,” adding that those unhappy with his efforts at combating corruption and exposing those that have misappropriated state resources are those bent at seeing his end.

“God will not allow them to end the life of the president. The president is on special assignment by God. Until he finishes it, he will not die. He will return to the country with good health,” he declared.


  1. Oga Olumba no body is asking for war but a peaceful referendum to settle this issue of forced marriage. This generation of Biafrans will not and must not go into war with anybody even in the face of the greatest provocations.

  2. IPOBs and it’s ilk were silent or operating rather on low frequencies and made sure they did not up the tempo on their quest for a separatist Biafran state during the GEJ/PDP govt when Igbos who voted him into power were basking in the euphoria governance that placed them on premium and juicy positions.
    Now that a Hausa/Fulani PMB/APC govt is on seat, and they Igbos did not vote the govt into power and thus are no longer enjoying “the dividence of democracy” much as they were favoured by GEJ, suddenly the Igbos have awoken from self induced slumber and have just recovered their voice and vision back and are now engaging rude and crass irresponsible youths to attack particularly; the North, Northerners and our cultural values.
    If Kanu thinks the civil war was fought when Igbos were not as much sophisticated as they are now, then he shoulfd also look at the same issue from Northern perspective. Illiteracy was highest then, and we can see clearly now that rain is gone.
    Our state governors are neither Igbos nor Yorubas. So also our ministers, commissioners, our political elites. Arewa can stand it alone. We have the capacity, wherewithal, potentials and all that takes to manage a successful and functional government in Arewa with all the prerequisites and paraphernalia of effective governance..
    Therefore, I concur with the Igbo and any other demands from other sections of Nigeria for separate sovereignties. But let it be known, we must first all relocate to the various tents where we first came from, then maybe we in Arewa may consider issuing former Nigerians who qualify as tourists visas to visit The Zoo.
    I am not for restructuring. It’s too vague an expression. Unless it means the implementation of 100% true federal character in all the spheres of our national life; be it in sport, military, ministries, academia, parastatals, oil industries etc.
    Lastly, I am thankful to the Creator for making me a Northerner that is free of dependence on anything from Biafra! Enough of all this ………!

  3. it is in the eyes of the blind that reality is not recognised. if Biafra agitation is placed under divine condemnation, it means that there is an urgent need to recall the attention of heaven towards our suffering in Sicky Nigerian nation.

    but all I know is that heaven is never in support of dehumanisation, marginalization and in consideration, so any claggy man that tells us that Biafra is not a reality has absolutely lost contact with God and should not be taken serious…

  4. It is pertinent to state at this juncture, having carefully analysed the opinions of various people that, Biafra is not just a struggle of the Igbos but a cry for freedom by a vast section of the entire populace who are aware of the inhumane treatment minted on them by greedy and visionless people who forcefully saddle the ass of the Nigerian government. It is important you know that Biafra is not just an idea to reclaim what’s ours, but a struggle to live in a country where cow attendants never become blood spillers.
    No one is calling for war, we are a peace loving people. No Biafran blood is worth spilling for the Biafran struggle.