One of the Matharoo sisters arrested for blackmailing Otedola, calls out girl spotted in same Dubai villa with Hushpuppi

Kiran, one of the Matharoo sisters, who was arrested in Nigeria for allegedly blackmailing Otedola, has taken to Instagram to call out a girl spotted in same Dubai villa with Instagram Big Boy Hushpuppi, who has been enmeshed in social media call-outs involving Nigerian celebrities.

According to her, the girl sleeps around with married men. Here’s what she wrote;

“Shameless PAB (Pass Around Bitch) as her sister Lo-Lo Rent called it posting her thrush infected tongue 👅 & sagging flip flip breasts on a married man’s snapchat. I guess his wife is allowing it now that @mompha is acting like a good husband on Insta-stories. Maybe his wife does not use snapchat, who knows.
Titties lookin’ longer than my one night in prison. Ask your discount doctor in Turkey for a refund sis. 😩

You were meant to meet his wife? For what? To discuss his bed preferences & exchange sex tips? 😴”

Nice “when your side chick wants a picture so you end up looking like you’re in a mugshot pose” @mompha👍🏽”


Matharoo sisters


Seeing the blast, the girl wrote;

“Kiran I wasn’t going to say anything but I’ve SEEEEEEN all the evidence linking you to the blog .. I’ve WATCHED your videos that you were recording of these men I’ve been quiet but I don’t HAVE to be.”

Matharoo sistersMatharoo sistersMatharoo sistersMatharoo sistersMatharoo sisters

Kiran further wrote;

“Best friends? @mingalmost didn’t make into the club in Dubai until she tagged-along with us. 😂😭 Ashley Ming, are you always a tag-along you pest. Or should I call you vermin like Pam does? 🐀”

matharoo sisters


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