Princess Vitarah Replies Speed Darlington And Has Involved Bobrisky.. Lead Of Extraordinary Crazy People [VIDEO]

Princess Vitarah replies Speed Darlington

Princess Vitarah replies Speed Darlington

Princess Vitarah has finally responded to Speed Darlington.

Recall it all started when Speedy shared a screenshot of the DM Vitarah sent to him, where she begged the former for a “fake beef”, so they could both trend and gain followers.

Apparently, after speedy shared the screenshot, it ignited a beef sorta, with Bobrisky calling out speedy for leaking the said DM, while he, speedy, has once begged him, bobrisky for a beef also.

Speedy later gave Vitarah a condition, before they can both “fake beef” each other. He gave the condition that Vitarah must allow him have an-al sex.

Now below is Vitarah’s response;

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