See the awful thing this white woman did to Nigerian Muslim lady in London (photo)

In what has been interpreted to be a hate crime, it has been gathered a Nigerian Muslim lady and photographer identified Wasi was reportedly spat on by a woman who goes by the twitter name Knox Mulder.

The unprovoked attacked occurred while Wasi was walking along Central London, with her friend Aamer Rahman. The white woman walked to them and spat on Wasi’s face all because she wore a hijab. The victim’s friend Rahman, has however taken to social media to share photos of the woman, asking people to share till it gets to the proper authority.

Here’s what he wrote;

“Walking in central London with my friend Wasi – Nigerian, hijabi. Out of nowhere this woman walked past and spat directly at her face muttering about ‘people like you. If you live in London please circulate this post.”


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