See what happened to man who attended a church for the first time (photos)

According to a blog reader, a friend of his attended a church for the first time and was walked out of the church because he was not opening his bible when the pastor asked the congregation to do so.

His friend then sent the story to a blogger, Laila, narrating his experience.

Read the full story below:

‘Good day and Happy Sunday Mrs Laila. I got a weird and true story about one of my friends, you might be interested in. My friend attended a church in Ibadan as a first timer, somewhere in Ibadan today.
The name of the church is ‘Saints community’ at Amigos, guest house opposite libra kitchen, Agbowo, Ibadan (Agbowo is very close to the university of Ibadan). He was told to leave the church cause he wasn’t opening his Bible by the Pastor who was preaching.
He literally walked up to him to tell him that’s its either he opens his bible or walks out. I was really astonished and shocked by this story, so I requested permission from him to send it to you. Things like This shouldn’t happen. I will blur out his name from the whatsapp chat for the sake of anonymity’Image result for attending church for the first time opening bible

church first timer

church first timer


  1. He should have just opened his Bible. What’s the point of coming to church if you won’t do something as simple as opening your Bible?

  2. Sensationalists everywhere. Who goes to the farm without implements? We’d rather have our 15 seconds in the spotlight than introspectively check our lives. Hope the fellow has gotten what he was looking for?


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