See What Woman Does With Big Snake In Middle Of The Road.

A woman has shocked many onlookers with her actions after she walked up to a snake and did something unusual.
A really shocking footage captured the moment a woman “with a death wish” decided to get up close and personal to a giant python.
Stunned onlookers watched as the woman casually strolled up to the 7ft python when it sparked panic by slithering into the middle of a road.
The unidentified fearless female then caused even more shock – by bending down to pick it up.
According to Daily Star UK, the clip, filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, recently, shows trucks and cars coming to an abrupt halt while drivers stood on the roadside – terrified of the giant beast.
But the woman didn’t have time to hang about and instead, bravely strode up to the reptile and picking it up by its head, flung it over her shoulders.
She then poses with the wild beast wrapped around her arms as men take pictures before releasing it into bushes on the side of the road.
Onlooker Paulo Vincent – who filmed the clip while travelling on his motorbike – said: “So I was just on the motorway riding my motorcycle and there is this snake stopping traffic.”
Paulo said he was not expecting the woman to walk over and pick up the snake as he feared it could attack people.
“The reaction has been ‘woah, what a brave woman’ while the scared men waited for the problem to be solved in another way,” he said.
“I think the men were deliberating whether to use a stick or call a specialist service.”
Pythons are not venomous, but due to their size, pose a threat to humans because of their ability to constrict and kill their owners.
“Good for her and good for the people who didn’t just try to run it over,” one viewer commented on the clip online.
Another added: “Impressive stuff, ‘move out the way lads I’ve got this’. That’s pretty badass.”

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