See What Young Musician Updated on Facebook Before Killing Himself (Photos)

A young musician has shocked his friends and family members after giving hints on Facebook before taking his own life.

Mpanjilwa Mulwanda hanged himself on July 24. He had threatened to take his life on social media but friends laughed it off,encouraging him to go ahead.

It is not clear whether the victim belonged to a secret cult group, but some of those who encouraged him said it is for the better good.

He posted a photo of himself with a rope hanging around his neck before killing himself.

A Zambian Facebook user, Joseph Kamfwa called on the police to arrest those friends who encouraged him to take his his life

Do people a favor- arrest and question all those kids who were pushing their friend to commit suicide. They are as guilty as someone charged with 2nd degree murder. It’s high time Zambians learned limits to conversation”

See his posts and more photos below:


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