How I Slept with a Dog in Victoria Island For Money – Lagos Girl

A student living in the commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos has recounted her rare s*xual experience with an Alsatian dog as organised by some white men for a huge amount of money.

Relationship adviser and psychologist Joro Olumofin has broken the internet with a shocking story of bestiality involving a seemingly young lady.

According to the story, the person in question who is orphaned and poverty-striken signed up for the odd s*x for financial benefits. This clandestine activity took place at the highbrow Victoria Island of Lagos with foreigners in charge.

The s*x was reportedly explosive and ever since, she has been lusting after dogs.

Read her story below:


  • You need Jesus in your life. Repent of your sins, forsake your sins and accept Jesus. Then go for deliverance

  • first and foremost accept you have sinned against the almighty GOD, secondly you need to confess of this sin then repent, surrender your life to the LORD Jesus Christ as your personal LORD and saviour, my sister do something about your life before it’s too late, deliverance is the way out for you. may de LORD help you, however I can by God’s grace lead you in deliverance where GOD will take this reproach off your life.

  • Simply locate the white guys and entertain them again but this time tell them they don’t have to pay that it’s free and all the pleasure are yours. Gbam!

  • I can satisfy you more than that dog if you will pay me good amount of money I promised you .just give me a try you will never forget me in your life time I promised you. I live in Benin city Edo state . cal me on 08169887890 . give me a try you will beg me to stop by d time I handle you with sex. I can sex 4 three hours without releasing.

  • Young girl, did you really considered the havoc, damage, curse you brought to your destiny and family as well? Did you know that God placed a previous death penalty for any body that have intercourse with animal? If you refuse to repent totally from your heart, to seek for God’s mercy, then suffering, bondage and untold calamity await your generation. Did you know the dog? did you know those men that were watching? the money they paid you, did you know where it came from? the dogs you are seeing in your dream, do you what it signifies?

    please ask Jesus to forgive you your sins, accept him as your Lord and personal savior. is not about satisfying your desire, but understand the gravity of what you have done already. if you don’t, your unborn children will have covenant with dogs(Devil or demons of immorality)

    Paul speaking in Romans 1 to the end that those who indulge in sex perversion are subject to death. The money is taking good care of your body, but your soul will languish in hell if you by pride refuse to seek Jesus on acceptable time.

    Any Bible believing church can lead you to Christ, is not about big church. go to appropriate channel, probably a true man of God, confess to him, he will you to Christ. You will start a new life.


  • Sadducees and Pharisees… Do you have to criticize her? Can’t you just suggest a solution and let go do it… Why ll she seek for help if she doesn’t understand the dangers. You ain’t better. pls dear, go for medical check up and go to any Bible believing church around you.

  • Go to the Lord’s Chosen church and be delivered… for its only God can save n help u…… repentance is required of u my beloved sister… Tnx

  • your generation will suffer untold calamities you brought to them….go and repent….read ur bible anytime the devil reminds you….in your words that white powder was inserted in d dogs nose…look for inhanser for your man and u won’t regret it

  • I have unbelievable prayer for you and think I can help … Be wise
    Life of this world is only enjoyment of a few deception

  • We all fall into similar temptations, we might not be slaves to dogs or whatever, we all sometime have or are slaves to things of this world, but I am lucky, WE are lucky, my sister you should partake in this luck… GRACE… Bask in this grace… It has been given, seek it, enjoy it, and TRY hard to sing whenever you’re gonna be depressed. GOD bless you. God loves you.


  • accept Jesus Today and your life will never be the same. is not too late and can never be late to accept Jesus Christ so don’t think its too late. Christ is the only solution to your problem. just say this prayer along with me. “Lord Jesus come into my life today, I know that am a sinner, but am willing to turn a new life in Christ. Amen. just say those prayers with your heart and you are saved.

  • Youth need to change.
    I m not use to pick any lady but have make up mind to get someone married but due to the
    lady this generation sleep with young guy has discourage me.

    Any lady have see and study their attitude toward man and how she spend her life in society.
    I use this opportunity to develop business idea without sleep with them or give them any money.

    Another person attitude leading to someone to rich and get up from poverty.

  • Go to Mountain of and miracles ministries (MFM) for Deliverance. God is there. You re not the first I have heard about in situations like this. Others have been delivered, you too can be. Thanks

  • Some people here will be preaching and condemning the lady as if they haven’t committed any sin? The did is done, it’s the way out. My dear, see a psychologist and meet a pastor not those ones that will be judging or condemning u or use u to preach in the church as if they sabi pass Jesus. Just careful look for a good pastor and be prayerful too. Nothing pass God and I know you will overcome it.

  • Such an evil white men should be taken out of our nation with immediate effect or the will be making such evil things and going back to their evil country to sale it and making money out of it. We should do everything possible to get the white man who did this out of our country.

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