Speed Darlington reveals he’s the Son of Pericoma Okoye, says “I hated him”

Speed Darlington has revealed that he is the son of late folk singer, Chief Pericoma Okoye.. This is coming as a shock to lots of his fans.

Let’s refresh your memory.. Speed Darlington is a controversial US-based Nigerian rapper, who has gone viral several times on social media after his music videos hit the internet.

Before then, Darlington had been pursuing a career in music, and later became a sensation of sorts, after his epic Twitter fight with Vic O.

Now, Darlington has revealed that Late singer, Pericoma Okoye was his father. He also expressed his hatred for the father he claims killed those who offended him.

This adds a thrilling edge to the quirky rapper whose favourite catchphrase is ‘Bangdadadang!’.

Read his note:

I HATED him & I kinda miss him indirectly now that his gone. I have to pay to punish people now. When he was around if girl say no to me or someone cross me? I just call him and cry over the phone and he took care of the rest.

Next thing you know bitch bleed to death during her next period. No court can touch me how do you prove spiritual attack? Where do you find spirit to arrest? Exactly.

Anyway can you spot Mr. #BangDadaDang? Right, Center or Left? Go #download #BangDadaDang @iTunes & begin to feel like you own #bitches & #Earth. Also available on www.SpeedDarlington.Tv BangDadaDang!

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