Tired of life and about to give up…,A must read story of Small Doctor

Tired of life and about to give up? 

Forget your Past or Background. Hustle, Pray & Believe – You Will Be Celebrated Sooner than you can Imagine.

This is the Story of Small Doctor. He was almost killed when he was caught for Stealing in Agege some years back  

Small Doctor once had to steal to provide for his son “Little Doctor” when he lost his bike which was his means of livelihood 

Small Doctor and his son slept in buses around Agege, in Lagos, and stored their clothes in abandoned refrigerators.

Hunger and frustration sets into his Life. The pains and agony and sorry at seeing his son suffer, pushed him to theft. He was caught, disgraced, and beaten to a pulp.

Today, Small Doctor is one of the city’s rising stars 

The Gap between You and Your Dream is in your Hand, Hustle & Close the GAP now!!!!

Keep Excelling Small Doctor – NL  You!!

Naijaloadites – We hope we are able to Motivate you today!

Join us next week as we bring the Story of another Celebrity to you that will Inspire you and will inturn challenge you to become a Great Person in Life.

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