“Bitch Is Flying First Class” – Says Bobrisky As He Returns Back To Nigeria

Bobrisky Returns

After all the hustle and bustle few weeks back, all the hype, the fuss and the expectation from his haters, the male barbie doll has disappointed his fans as he returns back to Nigeria without achieving the purpose he went out of the country in the first place for!

But hey! Don’t be less thrilled, that wasn’t the only drama the effeminate promised, he’d promised a while back to storm the airport with security to handle any ‘hater who confronts him… so let’s be on the lookout for this!


In the meanwhile, the transvestite is rubbing his hands on his haters’ faces as he says he’s flying first class back home… *sigh* all the best champ… let’s just see your security detail… hmph!!

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