Dad gets stranded at his daughter’s university, so he decided to torment her by following her to her class

Here’s a Hilarious story we stumbled upon this morning.. and it’s coming out of the disastrous Hurricane Harvey.

The Flood apparently, has messed with a lot of people’s schedule and travel plans, including a dad who was supposed to fly into Houston after he dropped off his daughter at the college.

The dad was stranded because of the Hurricane so he decided to make the most of his time by attending lectures with his daughter and embarrassing the heck out of her.

Dad gets stranded

Omete Anassi posted a viral tweet showing his dad sitting in his sister’s class for her first lecture.

“My pops can’t fly back to Houston ’cause of the hurricane, so he going to grad school with my sister. She pissed,” he wrote.

Anassi shared a screenshot of his father’s conversation with them on their family group chat.

“In class called oral history @ new school. Kerubo behind me,” the father wrote, sharing the hilarious selfie of him in class with his daughter.

Dad gets stranded

His daughter then begs him in the group to leave her class and asks her mother for help.

“Get out before we start. Go. Mummy come get him,” the daughter wrote.

Her brother’s only response is “HAHAHAH POSTING EVERYWHERE.”

“Seriously, he needs to leave now,” the embarrassed daughter continues writing. “He’s stayed for the intro and has a syllabus. And he won’t leave. He’s distracting me.”

Dad gets stranded

The tweet now has almost 100,000 likes and over 30,000 retweets.

Another woman who is experiencing the same thing wrote that her mom also ended up stranded on her campus, so she’s lounging in her room with a glass of wine.

“LITERALLY SAME. My mom was supposed to leave but she can’t,” she wrote with a photo of her mom in her room.