I didn’t participate in your ignorant election of Pres. Buhari, so why the hell should I help you criticize him? Georgina Onuoha Says

Georgina said this in a post she shared on her IG page. She wrote

Warning To Any Ignorant Nigerian oblivious of his or her basic history or civics lessons Who will Come on my Page To Display Their Ignorance.
These are the type of men you vote for, Men with Questionable characters and zero morals let alone befitting to be called leaders. Yet you take 2 thousand naira and a bag of rice, sell your future and conscience to them and expect me to be your mouthpiece in criticizing them! You must be a joker.
Listen Up Now: @saddam_bin_castro most of you come on my page and display your ignorance , you know it’s laughable and pathetic. Given it’s my country of birth and I am proud to be a Nigerian and an Igbo woman at that, I’ve been gone over a decade, don’t live there nor work there. Didn’t participate in your ignorant election of Buhari. Majority of you folks voted for him, so why the hell should I help you criticize buhari? Live your shit and deal with it. Don’t ever come on my page to educate me about my views and who to call out. When good people of conscience cried out to Nigerians not to vote Buhari, did you morons listen? You all castigated anyone who did not believe in your beclouded change from a former dictator who overthrew a democratically elected government of shagari! So why should I be your spokeswoman? Have you ever seen me campaign for any Nigerian politician? Have you ever seen me vote for any of your rouged politician or endorsed anyone of them? Since you all equate dictators as strong men. So with all due respect never you come to my page and tell me how to express my views and opinions on my wall. If you don’t like my political views, move on, you can disagree with me on facts and we dialogue respectfully, don’t tell me how to view life and its incorrigible rulers. I don’t do politicians, don’t campaign for them and not in bed with any of them. I will not compromise my moral dignity and authority for two kobos. Thank you and God help Nigeria ??


Source: Linda Ikeji


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